b Store X Casio

Together (Everybody Hertz) | b Store | 2009

“Together (Everybody Hertz)” was an installation that we created for b Store London, supported by Casio G-Shock. Inspired by the aesthetics, functionality and purpose of G-Shock, “Together” shows a familiar analogue physical phenomenon in such a way as to prompt further enquiry and experimentation. The installation uses a series of research grade ripple tanks to create a unique triptych of physical systems, each interacting with their surroundings in a different way.

We started to focus on G-Shock being a digital object that was built to respond to an analogue problem. We wanted to investigate vibration and how it could be visualised. We remembered using ripple tanks at school, and thought that they would be a great way of showing interference patterns.

Finding the right tanks was a challenge – we wanted to have a modular system that would make its own functionality clear – a kind of ‘honest object’. Next was to make a series of holders for the watches that would enable them to generate interference in the tanks – discovering the right Perspex that would bear the timepiece correctly, and allow for as free a transition of vibration as possible and also filter light correctly was a process of experimentation and refinement. As well as functioning as stands for the watches, our custom plastic elements evoked water-based insect life such as the Water boatman.

Located at the Northern end of the world famous Saville Row, the installation was viewable by the public from the end of February 2009 through March 2009.