NX Perspectives | Lexus | 2010

This interactive artwork explores the space where ‘the art challenges technology, and the technology inspires the art’ (quote John Lassester).

Mapping out the sharp-edge silhouette and angular lines of the Lexus NX as their architecture, Hellicar & Lewis built an interactive audio–visual kaleidoscope constructed from the shapes of the car itself. Fusing art and technology, H&L invited the audience to gain new insight into how to perceive form throughout physical and digital spaces with an engaging multifaceted experience.

The result is a continuously moving interactive experience that reflects the unique architecture of the NX. This online experience has been designed to evolve and grow the more that it’s interacted with in order to produce new, previously unseen angles, in real time. The combination of analogue and digital technologies have created a unique work that explores the relationship between the digital and physical, taking the distinctive facets found throughout the design of the Lexus NX and projecting that into the digital ether for an audience to explore in endless permutations.

This project was adapted from it’s original web format to exist as part of the Lexus NX product launch in Paris. This adaptation from online to physical body interaction enables users to create and play in real time, distorting the kaleidoscope with their bodies.

The online experience can be found on: NX Constructed