Sound Clips

Sound Clips | 2016

Sound Clips is a collection of sensors that can detect movement, together with an iPad application designed to augment story telling with fantastic sound effects.

The project began when we were invited by the education team at the Discover Story Centre to collaborate on a research project to see how we could use technology with their already exceptional story building team.

After watching several story building sessions between builders and children, we realised that, rather than trying to force new behavior, we could augment existing behaviour with sound. This had the benefit of enhancing the existing experience without introducing intrusive technology into an already smooth system. We manufactured a kit of customised Estimote Stickers with sewn felt pouches, easily replaceable crocodile clips and numbered coloured acetate tags to aid identification.

The final iPad app has several banks of preset audio samples as well as the capacity to record new sounds and trigger them with movement. It can be used with or without the Estimote clips to enhance story time as an app reactive to movement or simply as a sound board. You can download the app for yourself here for free!