Our work uses art, technology and design to create groundbreaking experiences that take people into the moment to impart lasting memories. We bring together traditional media, interaction and digital networks to make feedback loops between people, technology and places.

In addition to our commissioned projects, we also work in educational, artistic and performance contexts. We are also partners in a new business – Cariad Interactive – dedicated to creating interactive software for people with physical and mental learning difficulties.

We Make Loops: all of our projects aim to create feedback loops between people, places and technology – every interaction should encourage another.

Intersections: our work blends together several different disciplines – from Art Direction and Software Engineering to Interior Design. 

Realtime: we believe that it’s essential that users get feedback about their interactions in the moment that they make them.

Meta Loops: we open source all of our work – making a loop between us, our clients and the wider community.

Hellicar&Lewis are:
Pete Hellicar: Co-Founder
Joel Gethin Lewis: Co-Founder
Amalie Englesson: Production Manager
James Bentley: Software Engineer