Save The Arctic | Greenpeace | 2013

Greenpeace commissioned us to develop an interactive installation for their Save the Arctic campaign at Glastonbury 2013. The aim was to communicate the importance of the arctic – that untouched, pristine wilderness at the top of the world, at risk because of climate change and exploitation.

We developed an installation inside the Arctic dome that offered people the opportunity to disappear through a crack in the ice and take a magical 15-minute trip to the North Pole, where ice towered and the Northern Lights danced.

It was voted by Time Out as the second best non-musical thing to do at the festival, previewed by NME, and was undoubtedly a highlight of the festival. Along with other activities on the field, thousands of people came to visit and support the fight to protect the Arctic, with an incredible 4,000 people signing up to the Save the Arctic campaign – joining the 3 million from around the world who’ve already done so.