Invisible Treasure

Invisible Treasure | fanSHEN | 2015

In collaboration with fanSHEN and Goldmsiths Department of Computing, we developed a new performance.

“No actors. No plot. But there’s you. And maybe that’s enough.

Invisible Treasure is an interactive digital playspace, an electrifying exploration of human relationships, power structures and individual agency, where your actions can change everything.

When will you follow the rules and when will you break them? What risks are you prepared to take? How will you know if you’re seeing the whole picture? Using cutting-edge sensor, sound and projection technologies,Invisible Treasure is a journey through seven levels of unreality in a world that feels like the inside of a computer game but yet seems strangely similar to our own.

Time to join the dots.”

Direction/Concept Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe
Developed by: Lou Coleman, Barra Collins, Clare Dunn, Shireen Mula, Ed Richards, Delme Thomas.
Design: Cécile Trémolières
Lighting Design: Joshua Pharo & Gillian Tan
Composer: Richard Hammarton
Production Manager: Sam Clear

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